The Great importance of Appropriate Storage of Medication Illustrated by the Example of the Newest SSRI Drug

STORAGE is the course of action of retaining medicines at property. Medications are chemical compounds that respond to external stimulants these kinds of as warmth, moisture, mild, dust, and so forth. In numerous circumstances, these reaction sales opportunities only to superficial adjustments, these kinds of as discoloration. In lots of other circumstances, the response may affect the drug more severely, foremost to reduction or elimination of its efficacy and/or potency. There are conditions of medicine that, hence impacted, not only exert no healing result but also cause adverse effects on the patient’s wellbeing,

Storage for that reason should not be taken flippantly. This is even far more important in the storage of anti-depressant medicines this kind of as Lexapro simply because if its therapeutic home is dropped or diminished, the patient, given his or her psychological/mental affliction, may perhaps entirely refuse to consider any medicine and enable his or her affliction to deteriorate to suicidal tendencies, if not suicide alone.

Label recommendations: It is usually a excellent exercise to read storage guidelines printed on the container or strips in which the medicine arrives. Many liquid medicines are needed to be applied inside of a specified range of times after opening the container, soon after which their potency is reduced or missing. Examining guidelines on the label is as a result the very first issue a person ought to do on obtaining a medicine. In simple fact, these instructions are enough to store medications appropriately and just one does not commonly need more assistance on it.

Storage of Lexapro: Lexapro is the most current anti-depressant drug belonging to the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) group of drugs. It is utilized in the remedy of depression and generalized stress issues. The adhering to are the storage recommendations for Lexapro, which need to be strictly adhere to:

  • Keep at home temperature between 59 and 86 degrees F (15 and 30 degrees C)
  • Keep away from warmth, immediate light-weight, and humidity. Retain the capsule or tablet away from the bathroom, kitchen sink, and other moist places. Heat or humidity can bring about the medicine to split down or crack
  • Preserve out of arrive at of children (this is relevant to all medications)

To conclude, do not take storage of medication lightly. Inappropriate storage can lessen or even reduce potency of the drug and this can dilute the patient’s self-assurance in the procedure he or she is receiving. In the case of people with psychosomatic illnesses, this dilution of self confidence can seriously impair likelihood of restoration and can even guide to suicide.

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