Proven Ways Of Making Your Skin Look Young Again Without Surgery! The Definitive Guide


People usually associate face-lift or any other invasive procedure as only way to look younger, yet there are many systems in place to help us achieve the look without much intrusion on our faces!

There are various safe, non-surgical techniques for rejuvenation your skin.

Let’s take a look at some of your options:


Gycolic, citric, lactic and other alpha hydroxy acis(AHA’s as they’re called) are rapidly becoming more popular than ever. Excellent moisturizers, they are great for minimizing wrinkling, sun damage and even acne(when used on a regular basis).

An even more effective solution would be prescription AHA products in higher concentrations from your dermatologist.


A little known fact about sunscreen is that it doesn’t just prevent skin damage, it actually helps fade existing lines as well. Moisturizers work by keeping skin soft and supply, hydrated, while temporarily improving it’s appearance. The simple fact though, is that they don’t quite prevent wrinkles nor reverse the process. However, there are quite a few moisturizers out there that work as an effective anti-aging method also with ingredients such as retinol,etc, which bring us to our next powerful method…


VITAMIN A(RETIN A) is praised by some medical experts as THE best wrinkle and fine line treatment.It’s surprisingly effective when used on a regular basis.After 5 months to a year you’ll really notice the results of using such treatment as it’s one of those that only gets better with time. Start using this at a young age and you’ll stop wrinkles and fine lines in their tracks! This stuff truly works, I swear by it!

Tretinoin works by making the skin appear smoother by way of thickening it’s outermost layers and sloughing off the dead skin cells, revealing fresher, younger looking skin.


Chemical peels usually involve a high concentrate of AHA’s(usually between 30-70%). When compared to over the counter AHA products with a maximum of 10% acid you can clearly see how this method would penetrate the skin’s dermis for better efficiency.

Chemical peels ,over a course of treatments,can help greatly soften crow’s feet and minor acne scars.


The TCA peel is my personal favorite, for it gets really under the dermis and truly reveals a new level of skin surface. Take caution, as this is considered a “DEEP” peel. This peel is used to correct pigmentation problems,obliterate wrinkles on the forehead, around the mouth and eyes.

I used TCA peels for my acne scarring and can I say”wow”! I was really impressed! I had just slightly mild acne scarring and this peel really did the trick. Be advised also that there is some downtime with this type of peel, usually between 7-10 days, where your face will be red, swollen, and crusting of the skin is unavoidable. But overall, this type of peel is so worth it! It does wonders for wrinkles around the eyes.

There are actually some reputable sources on the internet where you can get an at-home kit for a TCA peel. Although I would highly recommend to follow the instructions EXACTLY as stated in the directions. This peel is no joke, but can be administered by anyone, as long as the proper code of conduct is followed.


Dermabrasion and mico-dermabrasion involves a rotating wire brush to “sand” off the upper two layers of skin thereby smoothening it’s appearance. This is fantastic for removing acne scars and small wrinkling around the lips.

Micro-dermabrasion kits have become wildly popular in the past 4 years or so and there are definitely some that are 10 fold better than others. But , nonetheless, the at home kits have improved in the years and some are actually as effective as in-office microdermabrasion!


With this procedure, a doctor injects you with a natural animal protein called collagen to plump up facial skin, filling in deep wrinkles and shallow skin.

The results are immediate and last between 3-8 months. The collagen is then re-absorbed or “eaten” by the body.


Restylane has really become THE “industry standard” for injectable fillers.

It has a really proven, safe track record and is excellent for filling in nasolabial folds(the hollow lines that run the sides of your nose, down to your mouth), areas around the eyes, the forehead and even for lip augmentation.

It’s been really effective, especially at perfectly filling in nasolabial folds. I believe that filling in these folds can(if you have them) really make you a whole lot younger. If you look at any young person, you’ll see that this area of their face is always smooth,supple and flat. I’ve had restylane injections in the past and I am sort of addicted to it! Yes , I admit it! Call me vain, but the confidence boost is so worth it.

And finally…..


This procedure utilizes a laser that carves the epidermis(top skin layer). Laserpeels have an uncanny precision(when done by a qualified physician). The doctor can basically program how deep he wants to go with this method. It can be highly effective for areas around the eyes especially, but also age spots, acne scars, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation.


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